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Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue Dragon Plus! + Giveaway!

Head on down to Crunchyroll to find out how you can win Blue Dragon Plus!
It looks like a great game, most game magazines gave it 8/10. For all RPG fans!

Not only do you win the game, but also a Nintendo DS Lite, strategy guide, half deck, and gamemat. Go go go!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

EXIT - PSP 7/10

It is touted as a new genre, but it plays a bit like Lost Vikings, picking up items, manoeuvreing through different obstacles, climbing stairs, using items etc. It's actually a tad boring if you have played it all before.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

(NDS) Big Brain Academy 8/10

Same concept as Brain Training, except that this game gives you an arbitrary game 'brain weight'. The better you do at the tasks, the higher the brain weight. It comes in a series of IQ-like tests. This game is more 'action-packed' than Dr Kawashima's, and has similar play value as Warioware with more intelligence. The games are quite fun by themselves. I would have given this a 9/10 except it doesn't have a great longetivity value, unless you like mini games

(NDS) Dr Kawashima's Brain Training 8/10

A very solid game, and the first in it's genre, Dr Kawashim's Brain Training is one of those games you can keep playing, because it's supposed to be good for your BRAIN. It's essentially an education game, yet, it not only aims to train your brain, it has the research to back it up, too. That said, it's not as 'fun' as most games. The term 'game' is given just because it is placed in a game format. It is more like an excercise, how fun it is, depends on how much you enjoy training your brain, if the idea that you can keep your mind healthy from a game appeals to you, this is a really nice game, especially for adults who are usually not video-game players. That said, video-gamers usually get enough mental stimulation already from all the gaming, and would probably benefit more from a walk in the park, than from simple arithmetic.

(NDS) Warioware Touched! 7/10

Warioware touched is one of those games that are fun to play, but the novelty wears off. It's essentially a game with no story. A series of minigame after minigame, a test of reactions. I think some of the games are fun, for sure, thats what the 7 score is for, but there is nothing in here more than fun, and an odd sense of humour. It's a little shallow.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

(PS2) Lego Star Wars 9/10

You need not be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this game. Just playing with lego figures is so cute. And seeing familiar lego parts.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Super Mario Ball!

Marioball screenshots... this game will be awesome! Look at the graphics... it's looking like a ps2 game!